About us

Scale2fit is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company which outsources professional architectural services.

We provide a wide range of services covering all design stages catering for every customer’s needs.

The company was founded by architects Macarena Mendiondo and Gabriela Carvallo, both widely experienced in design and project documentation, locally and internationally. Their experience was acquired in over ten years working for well known architecture firms.

Scale2fit offers its clients the possibility to increase their productivity and improve the quality of their work without losing competitiveness, since it optimizes the time which the client can devote to each project.

We offer products of an excellent quality, ensuring that the necessary human and material resources are assigned. We get involved in the design process and become a part of our client’s own company for a certain period of time or a certain project.

Arch. Macarena Mendiondo


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Arch. Macarena Mendiondo

Born in Montevideo in 1973. She entered the State University, School of Architecture in 1992 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was awarded her degree in 2005. She has had the opportunity to work at different architecture firms covering a variety of subject matters and scales of project.

Initially she worked for the Falkenstein Firm, where she acquired experience as an architect, focusing on commitment to design and care for detail. She later had the opportunity to work for highly demanded architecture firms such as: Inés Artecona and Mónica Galain, Hugo Dutiné, Marta Arjona, Rafael Lorente, Jorge Gibert and Manuel Rodríguez Carrera, Juan Diego Vecino, Mario Cazaban and Angel Nogueira, among others, where she carried out activities of project development, drawing and technical coordination with advisors.

In the year 2003, through a public entrance examination, she is selected to work as technical advisor in MEMFOD - ANEP (a Program for the Modernization of Secondary Education and Teachers' Development) where she specializes on CAD tasks, data gathering and educational building projects at a national scale.

As far as international projects are concerned, she has worked for Architect Carlos A. Ott, which has provided her experience on both long distance work and large team dynamics.

In 2007 she joins Urbanica Group team as Project Manager. She develops architectural projects and interior designs under US building and drawing conventions, providing all documentation for work site management.

From 2010 to 2012 she works at U3D Group as coordinator in the development of photorrealistic images for furnishing firms.

Adaptability and excellence are our motto